France Ligue 1

For many years people have dismissed France Ligue 1 and proclaimed it as one of Europe’s weaker leagues, lacking behind both Spanish and English football. Although at times it has appeared true, it’s evident that it’s an improving league, and many of the world’s best players still choose to play there over other ‘elite’ countries. French football currently boasts three of the world’s best strikers in Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Radamel Falcao and Edison Cavani. David Beckham is one of football’s biggest ever names and he decided to finish his career in Ligue 1, so something appeals to the world’s best footballers, and for that reason fans should give French football the recognition it deserves. With PSG backed by a rich owner, expect them to help with the increase of French football’s reputation. France Ligue 1 has some of the most popular jerseys in the world with fans quick to wear Paris Saint Germain or Monaco jerseys.

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