Major League Soccer was graced by legend Pele’s presence and that was a key point for the growth of their league. Soccer has always been the less popular sport in America, falling far behind basketball, American Football and baseball, but when David Beckham shocked the world and transferred to LA Galaxy, the MLS started it’s rapid rise to become one of the world’s most respected and talked about leagues. David Beckham still had the ability to test himself in the proven European leagues, yet he decided to go to the US for a fresh challenge. It was a success. He became one of the MLS’ best ever players and helped the game to grow beyond its previous boundaries, selling millions of jerseys, too. Now many of the games top players decide to play their final good years in the MLS, or at least want to finish their careers in the new excited place to place soccer, America. Major League Soccer is also home to Real Salt Lake.

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